Ad and sales
pitch formation

An advertising pitch explains the suggestions of an advertising organization to market a product or service. The pitch affirms the purposes for the campaign and portrays how the campaign will offer its targeted results.

Text ads

Bring in new client to your business – on a budget that works for you – with our simple, self-service PPC or pay per click advertising interface.

Affiliate advertising
network set up

Various merchants work straight with publishers, but there are lots of affiliate ad networks that link publishers with different merchant offers. Paid in the CPA model, publishers get a part of the sales cash produced from the leads they offer. Based on the network, this may be as much as 75% of the product’s price.

A range of featured affiliates
for the campaign

At bmcmedia we work with a large range of affiliate networks, which signifies we have access to a large number of publishers with whom we may work together globally. Even though various affiliate networks do a preliminary sorting of publishers, we consider that these preliminary filters do not forever convene the needed criteria to market programs.